Source of all Healing

Here is a question we are so often asked by clergymen and Church people.

“Mr Edwards refers in his letter to communicating with spirit doctors and the like. Why not communicate with God Himself, and why does a spirit person need to be called in?”.

First and foremost in healing our prayers are to God, we do not pray to the spirit people.

When we attune to Spirit for healing we are not praying to God. It is quite a distinct and different process.

We believe that all healing comes from God and is therefore Divine.

We believe that the healing doctors in Spirit are God’s ministers, just as much, if not more so than the ordained priest.

When God has work to be done, the scriptures tell how God sent his angels to do the work, it is exactly the same with spiritual healing.

The spirit healing doctors are God’s angels or ministers, it is they who, in His name use their wisdom and the forces at their command to heal the sick.

Thus the part we play in the healing effort is through our faculty of attunement with those spirit doctors to whom we convey the need for help to be given to any individual for his or her complaint. This is what we mean by directive intercession. The church believes in the “Communion of Saints” in what way can this differ from our “Communion with Spirit”? Who made the personalities into “Saints”? Man has done so not God.

What is the qualification for a “Saint”? It can be summed up in the word “Spirituality”. Therefore cannot those who through their nearness to God and their knowledge of His Laws who heal the sick, also qualify for “Sainthood”? And while we are on this subject, we believe there are many unknown humble people, mothers and others who by their unprofessed spirituality may be more entitled to “Sainthood” than some who have been so honoured because of their work for the church, and building up its power and resources.

We believe that all positive thought is a “recorded experience” and prayers come within this category, so does “directive intercessionary thought” for the sick. It may well be, we believe it is, that when prayers are given and with these the request for healing of one’s self or another. That these thoughts (being recorded experiences) can be received by God’s healing ministers in Spirit and are acted on in all ways that are possible.

To those who may think it is incorrect to receive healing through Spiritual Healing because we can attune with God’s healing ministers, the question is asked, “(do) they refuse help from the Saints or God’s angels?” We suggest the help so given is the same.

Because of its very nature Spiritual Healing is Divine, its source is Divine and its application must necessarily bring into the picture Divine agencies. And these are our spirit doctors, guides and helpers.

Reprinted from “The Spiritual Healer”, February 1955.