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Maylands Christian Spiritualist Church was Incorporated in 1945 and is a Registered Charity.

The Church is an affiliate of Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association, the Objects of which are listed below :

Declaration of Belief and Pledge

We believe in one god who is love.

We accept the leadership of Jesus Christ.

We believe that God manifests through the illimitable power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the survival of the human soul and its individuality after physical death.

We believe in the communion with God, his angelic ministers and with the souls functioning in conditions other than the earth life.

We believe that all forms of life created by god intermingle, are interdependent and evolve until perfection is attained

We believe in the perfect justice of the divine laws governing all life

We believe that sins committed can only be rectified by the sinner himself/herself through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, by repentance and service to others.

The Pledge

We will at all times endeavor to be guided in our thoughts, words and deeds by the teaching and example of Jesus Christ

Beatrice Perkins

Teacher and Inspiration to All