Acceptance of Healing

E. L. Bannister

Every week, all over the country, people with some sort of illness or disability are making their way

to a Church or sanctuary to ask for Divine Healing. But does it really end there? Do most people

know how to receive this Healing gracefully?

You walk into a Church, nearly always a pleasant place. An atmosphere of quiet calm pervading in

the room, perhaps even suitable music. A smiling face to welcome you and an air of reassurance to

build up your confidence. Already the body begins to relax, this is a prime part of the preparation.

You are in friendly surroundings with people who understand you, safely protected from the outside

world. The world which induces accidents and stress, hostile influences and jarring noise, in fact it is

good to escape.

When it’s your turn to attend the Healer, you sit before him, the mind clearing under his comforting

voice. Spirit takes over, and the pain of discomfort is relieved.

But does this last? Once outside the Healing Sanctuary the material and emotional mind intercedes.

The euphoria is gone. The presence of Spirit is pushed into the background. The family comes to

the fore, other peoples worries and problems take possession of you, the spine becomes rigid, the

muscles tighten and you’re going back to where you started.

In fact, when things get on top of you, your actually glad you have an illness to retreat into. l “don’t

feel well today” you say or ”My back’s aching so”’ or whatever. So instead of letting go of pain and

despondency, you’re wrapping a cocoon of frustration around yourself.

You think Spirit has deserted you and it was all a five minute wonder, when in actual fact, Spirit is

still with you, thoughts of Healing are still going out, only you have shut off your transmitter and

can’t pick up the right programme

Accept the Healing not for ten minutes, then forget about it until you go next week, but with the

proper grace, knowing that if you are a little wound up with the problems of living, sit by yourself for

a few moments, relax first the body, then the mind, untying the knots and releasing the pent up

emotions, then ask for Healing and it will be given.

Make no mistake about it, God does not forget and once the Healers hands are removed. The right

vibrations flow from one living thing to another and you yourself may send out in thought what has

been given to you.

Tap into the power yourself, and ask for help whenever needed and give out this help yourself in

thanks, and when you attend your next Healing session, you will find it a continuation of Spiritual

tact, a never ending, ever flowing stream of love and help, a perfectly balanced combination of Spirit

and man working in true harmony.

Peace that passeth all understanding.