Observations in Spiritualism

1) Is the science of spirit potentialities, the art of spiritual unfoldment.

2) Demonstrates, the fact that there is no death.

3) Banishes the undefined dread of the future which all feel more or less.

4) Convinces of the unity of all religions.

5)  Makes luminous many statements in the Bible otherwise obscure.

6) Satisfies the deepest cravings of the Human heart.

7) Gives supreme solace to the sorrowing.

8) Points the way to sweet communications with those beyond the veil.

9) Emphasises the fact that we are spirits now and endowed with super-normal

faculties which may be exercised here and now.

10) Teaches the need for spiritual development or personal holiness and the

Possibility of endless progress hereafter.

11) Propound the truth that the conditions of the spirit spheres are natural.

12) Dissipates the vulgar ideas of Heaven and Hell.

13) Declares that only in self—realisation is salvation to be found.

14) Maintains we are the founders of our own destiny, and the sculptors of our

own character, and that death does not transform us miraculously from sinners

into saints.

15) Reveals the truth that personal identity, character, and attainments are not

lost when we pass out of the Body.

16) Asserts that on the other side of life we are seen and known as we are and not

as we now outwardly appear to be.

17) Recognises that what is called a miracle is not a suspension but a fulfilment

of natural law.

18) Proves that love is stronger that death. ,

19) Shows that service and helpfulness characterise the people of the spirit sphere

20) Inculcates the doctrine of the brotherhood of men and the Fatherhood of God.

21) Teaches the feasibility of reincarnation in line with Eastern Religions.