Prayer for these uncertain times

Covid-19 Prayer

Given at Saturday Afternoon Service 14 March 2020 by Chantal

Blessed Father,

Thank you for this union here today of friends and spirit, we come together in
devotion to you.

May all our earthly worries and concerns be left at the door upon entering
our little temple, so that in your tender loving care we may make space in our hearts for your loving vibration to flow through each of us.

We pray at this uncertain time across the globe, for all of humanity, that this shared
experience of the corona virus as a global phenomenon unites us with a shift in consciousness,
That we may unite in oneness to help one another on both a local level and as a global community.

Though it may be difficult, we pray that we my  be empowered to embrace this as a unique time in the
history of humanity, when we are putting people first and the global economy second, where
we are part of the awakening of oneness,  recognising that we are all in this together.

Please give our governments and world leaders divine guidance, so they can make timely
informed decisions and policies that best serve the people.

Please give us all the courage to act responsibly and selflessly, so the elderly, immune-
compromised and vulnerable within our communities can be protected as best as possible.

Please help us all to radiate calmness in this time of adversity.
Help us to find ways to show care, kindness and compassion, remembering that basic loving
acts at this time can make the world of difference.

May we learn from other areas afflicted, and with shared information may we use effective
measures such as hand washing, non-contact greetings, and social isolation from larger
gatherings to contain the spread of this disease.

Please help prepare our hospitals with procedures, equipment and staff to best care for those
afflicted, so they can receive the best supportive treatment possible, and that there will be
enough care for anyone who needs it.

Please send your angels to all hospitals throughout the
globe where people are suffering, basking and soothing them in the White Christic light.

May those working on a vaccine receive divine inspiration so they develop it in a timely
manner, so this virus can be contained and defeated.

Blessed father, please also let us pray for the wildlife and other animals sold in the wet markets
in China and that this virus will help spread a global awareness of the need for
kindness, compassion and respectful treatment of all animals and that the collective consciousness
of humanity be raised so they (the animals) will no longer be seen as food or other commodities and instead
recognised for the sentient beings they are.

Blessed father, we pray that anyone who passes over suddenly or traumatically be embraced
by your angels and loved ones on the other side, and their transition into the world of spirit
brings them peace.